Free horse manure & hard wood shavings based compost available for pick up.


Self load any time.  We are able to tractor load large loads with notice and scheduling.


You can drive right up to the composting   bays and load your truck or trailer with as much as you would like.  Compost is heated up to over 160 degrees for at least a week and the forced air composted for 60 days.  While we will not guarantee that it is weed free, we are doing our best to compost correctly and create an environmentally friendly means for disposing of the manure and waste created by our stables.




The composting station is located at the far east end of our stables at 15811 Jedberg Lane, Ballwin, MO 63021.






Please contact Kevin at 314-323-3440 or Jim at 314-323-6473 with any questions.